The 10 Campuses With The Worst Anti-Semitic Activity

The 10 Campuses With The Worst Anti-Semitic Activity

As one of its first initiatives, Jew Hatred on Campus has compiled a list of the 10 U.S. campuses having the worst anti-Semitic activity in 2014.  Universities included in the top 10 played host to numerous incidents of anti-Jewish acts, such as Israeli Apartheid Week (a week-long event that demonizes the Jewish state); interrupting university activities by staging mock “checkpoints” on campus; campus speakers that call for the destruction of the Jewish state; and verbal or physical harassment and violence against Jewish and pro-Israel students.  These anti-Semitic incidents occur on university property, often with the support of university funds, despite the fact that such behavior is explicitly forbidden under campus codes of conduct.  The David Horowitz Freedom Center plans to contact each of the named institutions to discuss its findings and to offer assistance in helping them to rectify this serious situation.  

  1. Columbia University

  2. Cornell University

  3. George Mason University

  4. Loyola University Chicago

  5. Portland State University

  6. San Diego State University

  7. San Francisco State University

  8. Temple University

  9. University of California Los Angeles

  10. Vassar College



Columbia University is home to some of the most well-known anti-Semitic professors in the nation such as Rashid Khalidi and Joseph Massad, who has been accused of harassing Jewish students on multiple occasions. In addition, it is home to a highly active SJP chapter that has recently brought BDS founder Omar Barghouti and disgraced anti-Semitic professor Steven Salaita to campus.

A. March 10, 2014: Israeli Apartheid Week.

B. September 11, 2014: Protest with signs such as “Call to Action: Stand with Gaza.”

C. November 2014: Street theater: mock security checkpoints were set up.

D. November 19, 2014: Speaker event with Steven Salaita, who has made numerous bigoted statements about Jews and Israelis.


E. December 2, 2014: Speaker event featuring BDS founder Omar Barghouti and radical, anti-Israel faculty.

Barghouti opposes the existence of a Jewish state and Jewish rights to self-determination in Israel, and he has slandered Israel repeatedly. Reports after his speech noted that he spoke to a “packed hall.” Responding to a question about whether Jews have the right of self-determination, Barghouti responded “One thing I do know– not at my expense. If they are a nation and have a right of self-determination, not at my expense. That does not give them the right to expel us or to take our land.”  The article reports that, “The audience broke into applause, the first time that any speaker had been interrupted by applause in two hours.”

 F. December 1, 2014: Panel: “Ferguson to Gaza.” The event was described as “A panel discussion highlighting the many intersections of race, militarized policing, and structural state violence faced by communities in Palestine and Ferguson.”


Cornell’s SJP chapter has used open force to intimidate Jewish and pro-Israel students on campus, and has erected scores of anti-Israel signs across the campus in addition to interrupting a student government meeting and erecting mock “checkpoints” on campus.

A. Spring 2014: Cornell University’s active SJP, which receives support from extremists in the community, attempted and failed to pass a divestment resolution.

B. April 10, 2014: BDS was introduced.

C. April 17, 2014: Direct action: interrupting a student government meeting.

 D. August 29, 2014: Protest: 30 SJP members showed up with signs and a loudspeaker. They read the names of those who died during Operation Protective Edge.

E. Fall 2014: Anti-Israel activists erected scores of anti-Israel signs across the campus, stalked a student, harassed and threatened another, and defaced and destroyed his posters.

 F. October 31, 2014: Street theater with an art display and signs in a quad.

G. November 19, 2014: Verbal harassment at an anti-Israel rally.

H. November 19, 2014: Physical assault: A pro-Israel student was splashed with water and had a sign torn from his hands.


I. November 19, 2014: SJP organized a mock Israeli checkpoint at Ho Plaza, a central student gathering point on campus, between the Cornell Bookstore and Willard Straight Hall, where many student activities are centered.



George Mason University has a very active Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) affiliate, Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA), which promotes BDS, “anti-normalization,” and the one-state solution (i.e., the dissolution of Israel). Its anti-Israel events are cosponsored by the Middle Eastern Studies Department and other student clubs on campus. It is not the quantity of events at this campus that is so troubling but rather their broad sponsorship by the Middle Eastern Studies Department, the Trans-Arab Research Institute, the Arab Studies Institute, New Century College, and Global Programs.

A. May 18, 2014: SAIA crashed a pro-Israel event in northern Virginia with huge posters that read, “ISRAEL IS AN APARTHEID STATE.”


B. March 25, 2014: Speaker event with Miko Peled. Peled has described the Israeli government as “a radical Zionist regime,” and Israel as a nation where “half of the population lives in what it thinks is a Western democracy while keeping the other half imprisoned by a ruthless defense apparatus that is becoming more violent by the day.”

C. April 7, 2014: Speaker event with anti-Israel activist, Ali Abunimah. Abuminah has accused Israel of practicing “apartheid,” “ethnic cleansing,” and “attempted genocide” against the Palestinians.  In his words, “Israel’s problem is not, as its propaganda insists, 'terrorism' to be defeated by sufficient application of high explosives.” Rather, Abunimah explained, “its problem is legitimacy, or rather a profound and irreversible lack of it.… Israel simply cannot bomb its way to legitimacy.”

D. October 20, 2014: Panel discussion: “Operation Protective Edge: Legal and Political Implications of ICC Prosecution.” The ICC is the International Criminal Court which the Palestinian Authority has recently joined and pushed for an investigation into whether Israel has committed war crimes against the Palestinians.

E. October 27, 2014: Speaker event with Stephen Salaita, who has made numerous bigoted statements about Jews and Israelis.

F. November 5, 2014: SAIA staged a walkout of a pro-Israel campus event with an IDF colonel and organized a Gaza “teach-in” in the public square where members read names of Gaza casualties.



Loyola University has an active SJP led by students who are part of the SJP national leadership. The university is fairly apathetic, allowing an extremist fringe to dominate too much of the discourse, and the administration has only lightly punished SJP for blatantly violating university rules.

A. February 14, 2014: Panel discussion: “Greenwashing” the conflict. “Greenwashing” is a term used by anti-Israel activists to claim that Israel’s eco-friendly technology is publicized to hide the pollution of Palestinian lands and mistreatment of the Palestinian people.

B. February 23, 2014: Film Screening: 5 Broken Cameras, an anti-Israel film that demonizes the IDF while obscuring the violent protests of the Palestinians.


C.  February 28, 2014: Panel Discussion: “Pinkwashing” the conflict.

“Pinkwashing” is a term used by anti-Israel activists to claim that pro-Israel forces highlight Israel’s strong support of gay rights in order to obscure their mistreatment of the Palestinians.

D. March 10, 2014: BDS Resolution originally introduced in student government.

E. March 11, 2014 and March 18, 2014: BDS passed.

F. April 2014: A divestment resolution narrowly passed the Student Government but was vetoed by the student government president.


G. April 10-14, 2014: Palestine Awareness Week.

H. Inflammatory/hateful social media messages were posted during divestment.


I. September 9, 2014: Protest/disruption of pro-Israel events: SJP members harassed Jewish students manning a table for Birthright Israel, asking them, “How does it feel to be an occupier?” They also asked, “How does it feel to be guilty of ethnic cleansing?” SJP students later blocked the table, holding signs that read, “My family is from the ethnically cleansed village of [name] BUT I DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO RETURN.” SJP was charged with several school policy violations and was eventually sanctioned with probation through the end of the school year and a requirement to attend intergroup dialogue training.

J. December 3, 2014: Speaker event with Sa’ed Atshan, an anti-Israel activist who has served for five years as a lecturer in “Peace and Justice Studies” at Tufts University.

K. October 19, 2014: SJP promoted several Chicago-area events with Steven Salaita, who has made numerous bigoted statements about Jews and Israelis.



Portland State’s Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER) posts inflammatory messages on their social media pages, displays an “apartheid wall” whenever weather permits throughout the spring term and has brought such anti-Semitic luminaries at BDS Movement founder Omar Barghouti to campus.

A. Street theater: “apartheid wall” display, which is displayed regularly during the spring term (whenever the weather permits).

B. Spring 2014: Speaker event with Omar Barghouti about divesting from Israel. Barghouti opposes the existence of a Jewish state and Jewish rights to self-determination in Israel, and he has slandered Israel repeatedly.

C. Spring 2014: Vandalism: SUPER defaced CHAI’s event posters last year for multiple events. During spring quarter 2014, sidewalk graffiti that read, “Israel did 9/11,” was suspected to have been perpetrated by SUPER members.
[reported to StandWithUs]

D. Spring 2014: Verbal assault: The president of SUPER verbally assaulted a StandWithUs Emerson Fellow who was tabling for the movie The Case for Israel. On another occasion another student was called “a murderer” and was told she should be ashamed of herself for displaying an Israeli flag.
[reported to StandWithUs]

E. November 2014: Remi Kanazi spoke about the BDS movement through a spoken word workshop, “America is the Belly of the Beast.” G. Winter 2014: Panel discussion: “Colonialism, Racism and Apartheid.” The panel, which was hosted in the Native American student center, had a member of the Native American group, a member of the NAACP, and a member of SUPER who said she didn’t “feel safe walking around Jerusalem because of the 15-year-old IDF members walking around with guns.”

F. December 2014: Protest: SUPER promoted the “I Can’t Breathe” campaign to push its own agenda in Pioneer Square in downtown Portland—about five blocks from campus.

G. Regular spring event: Israeli Apartheid Week: A weeklong event to showcase films, anti-Israel speakers, and the “Israeli apartheid wall” on campus. Examples of films include 5 Broken Cameras and Where Should the Birds Fly.

H. Ongoing: Inflammatory/hateful social media posts: SUPER always posts content on their Facebook page like “From Ferguson to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime.” It posts graphics of “ending apartheid” like a sledgehammer breaking down the “apartheid wall” in Israel.



SDSU is home to an SJP chapter that violated the Student Code of Conduct by dropping leaflets from the top of several campus buildings mean to simulate an Israeli air strike.  In addition, the chapter holds a “Palestinian Solidarity Month” during which they display a “Palestinian Solidarity Village” featuring an “Apartheid Wall” plastered with anti-Israel propaganda and mock Israeli checkpoints.


A. January/February 2014: Panel discussion before divestment vote.

B. March 2014: SDSU SJP sets up a “Palestine Solidarity Village” as part of “Palestinian Solidarity Month.”  According to a campus newspaper article,  “The village includes a mock Israeli checkpoint and a large painted wall covered in art and information about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as several tables set up by organizations that support SJP, such as Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano/a de Aztlán and the Jewish Voice for Peace.”


C. March 2014: Interrupting pro-Israel speaker Dumisani Washington.

[reported to StandWithUs]


D.  Nirit Revzin, president of Aztecs for Israel, writes in a campus newspaper column: “I have been rejected numerous times in creating a dialogue toward progress or cooperating with Students for Justice in Palestine, as I have been told ‘SJP officers do not socialize with sympathizers of a brutal apartheid state.’

E. April 2014: BDS resolution was introduced over three different senate meetings. BDS was discussed and failed to pass.

F. Spring 2014: Verbal assault against pro-Israel students tabling.

[reported to StandWithUs]

G. Speaker event with Alison Weir. Weir is the founder and executive director of If America Knew, an organization which demonizes Israel. Weir has said that America’s support for Israel makes us an “accomplice to war crimes and an accessory to oppression.”

According to SJP’s website, “Ms. Weir gave a lecture to students and members of the community about the relationship between the United States and Israel, why Americans should be outraged about U.S. involvement in Israel.”

H. Fall 2014: Palestine Awareness Week, an annual event; Israeli Apartheid Week/Islam Awareness Week.

I. October 2014: “Remembering Gaza” Event: street theater: “die-in” in protest of Operation Protective Edge

J. Operation Protective Edge was launched by Israel in April 2014 as a defensive measure in response to unceasing rocket attacks from Gaza. Inflammatory/hateful social media posts made during and right after the operation.

K. October 2014: Speaker event with Greta Berlin, co-founder of the Free Gaza Movement.  Berlin created a controversy when she tweeted a blatantly anti-Semitic video. She has also claimed that Americans give foreign aid to Israel in order "to occupy, kill, starve, humiliate and drive out a native population in favor of white European colonists."

L. November 6, 2014: SDSU SJP violates the Student Code of Conduct by dropping leaflets from the top of several campus buildings mean to simulate an Israeli air strike.  According to the campus paper, “The papers fluttering to the ground were meant to resemble leaflets dropped over Gaza ordering Palestinians to flee the region because of an imminent air strike.”

M. November 19, 2014: Anti-Israel performer Remi Kanazi speaks at the SDSU Student Union.


N. November 20, 2014: “Right 2 Education Tour” with two students from Birzeit University who “told of their experiences of trying to attain an education and better future despite the Israeli occupation.”


In addition to bringing in numerous anti-Israel speakers and holding regular Israeli Apartheid Week protests, San Francisco State’s General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS) disrupted a celebration of Israeli Independence Day and was led by a sociopathic president who made open threats against Jews and Israel on social media.


A. February 2014: SFSU General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS) President Mohammad G. Hammad is exposed as having written a number of threatening social media posts describing his wish to attack students, teachers and Israeli leaders.
Hammad’s posts include:

“I think about killing a lot.  And some of you are usually the targets of my daydreams J”

“You know what?  Israelis ARE colonizers, there is literally no way around it. And you know what else?  My heroes have always killed colonizers. I literally see nothing wrong with this. And my only regret is that not all colonizers were killed.”

“There are children shouting outside and I want to set them on fire”

“Let’s play a game. Objective: Kill U.S. Soldiers. Goal: world peace.”

            "I think about the time I tried to be - moderate - and advocate for non-violence and honestly I just want to go back in time and slit my own throat/and then the throats of all my enemies before they grow up into the shits they are today"

"Oh/And tomorrow is [hopefully] the day that I find out if I will be the President of the General Union of Palestine at my school/...Hopefully I'll be able to radicalize half of our population and bring them back with me as fighters~"

After Jewish groups and the media exposed his postings, Hammad eventually left campus (probably not voluntarily) and was placed under investigation by the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the FBI.


B. Fall 2014: Street theater: GUPS regularly holds “die-ins” during “Israeli Apartheid Week,” which it usually conducts concurrent with the AIPAC Policy Conference. During this most recent “street theater,” they constructed gravestones with names of Palestinians who have died, and they read each name aloud in the center of campus.


C. Yom Ha’atzmaut: GUPS disrupted a celebration of Israel Independence Day by protesting the entire event in the middle of campus.

D. Fall 2014: The anti-Israel club held a “pinkwashing” event in a classroom on campus.
“Pinkwashing” is a term used by anti-Israel activists to claim that pro-Israel forces highlight Israel’s strong support of gay rights in order to obscure their mistreatment of the Palestinians.

E. October 2014: Verbal assault: A Jewish student was walking home and was verbally assaulted by a few GUPS members. This is a regular experience of pro-Israel students who are often called “baby killers” and “Nazis” on campus.

[reported to StandWithUs]

F. Fall 2014: Israeli Apartheid Week: They call it a cultural week, but they end up just doing things about hating Israel, like “Nakba Day.” When they celebrated their mural on campus, it turned into just an Israel “hatefest.”

G. SFSU speakers from fall 2014 to the present: • Rabab Abdulhadi, Race and Resistance Studies and AMED, SFSU • Joanne Barker, American Indian Studies, SFSU • Claudia Chaufan, University of San Francisco and International Jewish AntiZionist Network • Jamal Dajani, award-winning news producer, journalist, filmmaker, and Middle East analyst; co-founder of Arab Talk Radio • Jess Ghannam, University of California-San Francisco and Gaza Community Mental Health Project • Barbara Lubin, Middle East Children’s Alliance, Berkeley • Clarence Thomas, International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Local Ten, San Francisco • Jaime Veve, Transport Workers Union (retired) and Labor for Palestine • Michael Yoshii, Buena Vista United Methodist Church (Alameda) and Wadi Foquin Partnership Project • Sahar Francis • Hatem Bazian



Temple University is home to an SJP chapter that was responsible for a verbal and physical attack on a Jewish student who approached their table at a campus activities bazaar to attempt a dialogue.  In addition, they are regular participants in Israel Apartheid Week and have brought well-known anti-Semites such as David Sheen to campus. 

A. March 2014: Israeli Apartheid Week, an event designed to characterize the state of Israel as an “Apartheid State” similar to South Africa before reforms were enacted there.


B. March 18, 2014: Speaker event with David Sheen: “Racism Against Africans in Israel.”  Sheen is an independent journalist and filmmaker who falsely claims that Israel discriminates against Africans. One false quote he publicized on his Twitter feed states that “Just as Nazis compared Jews to vermin to incite racism against them, Netanyahu compares non-Jewish Africans to ebola.”

C. March 28, 2014: Panel: Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

PCRF is headed by Stephen Sosebee, who depicts Israelis as murderous Zionist terrorists whom Palestinians must resist by means of "armed struggle" (i.e., suicide bombings). Sosebee charges that the U.S. government, citizenry, and media are manipulated by a "Zionist lobby" and "Zionist influence.” 

On June 24, 2003, NGO Monitor reported: "PCRF received assistance from [t]he Holy Land Foundation for Relief and DevelopmentGlobal Relief Foundation, and [t]he International [Islamic] Relief Organization -- all of which were closed down by the U.S. government for funding terrorist groups.

D. March 27, 2014: Speaker event with Josh Ruebner. Ruebner founded “Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel” and believes that Palestinians have the “right of return” and that suicide bombings can be explained by Israel’s subjugation of the Palestinians.


 E. March 28, 2014: Speaker event with Saed Atshan on “pinkwashing.” “Pinkwashing” is a term used by anti-Israel activists to claim that pro-Israel forces highlight Israel’s strong support of gay rights in order to obscure their mistreatment of the Palestinians.

F. March 31, 2014: Panel: “Parallels of the Black Struggle and the Palestinian Struggle.”

G. April 28, 2014: Protest: “Taking Back Temple.”

H. August 20, 2014: Physical and verbal assault: A pro-Israel student was assaulted while tabling. During welcome week on campus, when a Jewish student approached the SJP table to begin a dialogue, students behind the table laughed at and verbally attacked the Jewish student, calling him a “Zionist, racist baby killer.” A student struck the Jewish pro-Israel student in the face as SJP students reportedly yelled “Zionist pig!” and “Kike!” at him.

I. October 27, 2014: Panel Discussion: “Teach-in” on “Anti-Semitism and the Left”

J. November 3, 2014: Protest: “Black & Palestine Solidarity”

K. November 5, 2014: Protest: “In Support of Rasmea.” Rasmea Odeh is a convicted terrorist who was directly involved in the murder of two innocent Israelis.

L. November 14, 2014: Protest: “Philly, Don’t Dance with Israeli Apartheid.”



In addition to trying (and ultimately succeeding) in passing a BDS initiative in student government, UCLA’s SJP chapter attempted to require student government candidates to sign a pledge not to take trips to Israel sponsored by pro-Israel organizations. No candidates were asked to sign a pledge foreswearing their participation in any other programs. SJP members also used social media to attack Jewish students and smear their reputations.

A. Inflammatory/hateful social media posts: attacks against pro-Israel senators were made online, many after Operation Protective Edge (a military initiative to defend Israel against rocket fire from Gaza) and around the time that BDS was introduced (both BDS resolutions).


B. SJP introduced an initiative that would require candidates for student government to sign a pledge to not take trips to Israel sponsored by AIPAC, ADL, or Hasbara Fellowships.


C. January 2014: Speaker event with BDS movement founder Omar Barghouti. Barghouti opposes the existence of a Jewish state and Jewish rights to self-determination in Israel, and he has slandered Israel repeatedly.

D. February, October, and November 2014: Panel discussions before undergraduate BDS hearings in February and October and another in the law school before the graduate student union BDS vote in November.

E. February 2014: BDS was introduced (and didn’t pass).

F. March and May 2014: Verbal assault: The email accounts of pro-Israel students and Hillel professionals were hacked, aggressive newspaper articles were published, and accusations were made in the school senate. The verbal assaults occurred after BDS failed in March and during a Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration in May.


G. April 2014: Event with Ali Abuminah titled “No Rest Until We Divest.”

Abuminah has accused Israel of practicing “apartheid,” “ethnic cleansing,” and “attempted genocide” against the Palestinians.  In his words, “Israel’s problem is not, as its propaganda insists, 'terrorism' to be defeated by sufficient application of high explosives.” Rather, Abunimah explained, “its problem is legitimacy, or rather a profound and irreversible lack of it.… Israel simply cannot bomb its way to legitimacy.”


H.  May 14, 2014: SJP UCLA brings BDS proponent Angela Davis to campus. She tells the crowd that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians is worse than the treatment of blacks under apartheid in South Africa.

I.  November 3-7, 2014: Palestine Awareness Week at UCLA featuring a mock apartheid wall and an event called “Roadmap to Divestment: a screening and discussion.” This week notably preceded the re-introduction of the BDS resolution in student government.;mIL4PDjBcICc7Kpaeu4s7wh800FLem7l~;RzpAJk2DN0~-.bps.a.709091052493111.1073741833.190981677637387/709091055826444/?type=1&theater

J. November 5, 2014: Speaker event with Salaita, who has made numerous bigoted statements about Jews and Israelis.



K.  November 2014: UCLA student government passes BDS resolution in an 8-2-2 vote.



Many SJP chapters echo the anti-Semitic sentiments of the Nazis, but Vassar’s SJP chapter took things one step farther by posting an anti-Semitic German cartoon dating from the Nazi regime on their twitter account. Vassar SJP also vandalized a pro-Israel “Wall of Truth” and harassed students taking a course involving a trip to Israel to study water supply issues.

A. February 2014: SJP members picketed a course in which students would be taking a Vassar-sponsored trip to Israel, causing students to feel harassed and intimidated.

B.  February 24, 2014: Israeli Apartheid Week.

C. April 3, 2014: Speaker event with anti-Israel professor Joshua Schreier, who stated that Israel is a European settler colonialist project displacing native Palestinians. About 50 students attended the talk.

D. April 3, 2014: Protest/Disruption of Pro-Israel Events: SJP protested outside of a StandWithUs Israeli Soldiers’ Stories event. Five or six SJP students posted signs outside of event that read, “Israel is apartheid,” “Israel commits genocide,” and other such demonizing slogans against Israel. When the speaker, Hen Mazzig, tried to engage with them and invited them to come attend the event and ask questions afterward, they responded by saying, “We don’t talk to occupiers,” and left as a group.

E. May 5, 2014: Social media: SJP posted an anti-Semitic image dating from the Nazi regime in Germany on its Twitter account.

F. May 2014: Defacement of a  pro-Israel “Wall of Truth” displayed on campus by pro-Israel students to respond to SJP’s falsehoods.

G. May 2014: Vassar’s president condemned a “racist, anti-Semitic graphic” posted on SJP’s Tumbler page, depicting a Nazi propaganda poster of a many-armed figure wearing a loincloth featuring the Star of David and holding a bag of money.


H. November 7, 2014: Panel: Refuseniks. An event featuring young Israelis who refuse to participate in the IDF.