Sign at Yale Says Jews Should be 'Rounded Up,' Calls Campus a 'Jew Hole'

NEW HAVEN, Connecticut (Christian Examiner) – In 2006, Yale University was the first school in North America to establish a center for the study of antisemitism, which makes the presence of anti-Semitic graffiti near the storied campus all the more unusual.

New Haven's local NBC affiliate has reported that a sign with anti-Semitic slogans was hung on a pole near, but not on the campus. The news station said a local psychiatrist, Dr. Gary Plotke, discovered the sign near Yale-New Haven Hospital. It read, "YALE IS A JEW HOLE – LET'S ROUND THEM UP!!!"

"I saw it for what it was: a patently offensive, anti-Semitic sign," Plotke told WVIT. "Obviously, I know about antisemitism, but I've never actually come face-to-face with a sign like that.

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