UCLA Newspaper Defends Pro-Terror Student Group


After several posters criticizing the pro-Hamas group Students for Justice in Palestine were found at the UCLA campus Thursday morning, the Daily Bruin, UCLA’s campus newspaper, defended the group as victims of “offensive” accusations. The posters had read “Stop SJP because it promotes…” and linked SJP as supporters of Hamas with pictures of Hamas terror victims and the quotes, “Terror Groups that oppress women,” “Terror Groups that kill gays,” and “Terror Groups that persecute Christians.” At the bottom of the posters were the David Horowitz Freedom Center logo, the #JewHatred signoff, and the campaign web address. Similar posters were put out on college campuses around the country in February as part of Horowitz’s “Jew Hatred on Campus” campaign.

The Bruin quoted SJP members, who complained that they felt threatened by the message in the posters, which they view as hate speech. It accused Horowitz of not having taken responsibility for the posters in February, although he had claimed responsibility for them in the Jewish Journal soon after they had appeared on campuses. The Bruin noted, “Horowitz was never arrested in connection with them.”

Horowitz said in a Jewish Journal interview in February he put up other posters criticizing Students for Justice in Palestine. The February posters depicted men with assault rifles standing over a masked man and named the student group with “#JewHaters” written below it.

In an interview with The Bruin soon after the February posters were discovered, Horowitz said he had no connection with them.

University officials started investigating the February posters soon after they were posted, but Horowitz was never arrested in connection with them.

The student group released a statement in response to the previous posters, saying it saw them as hate speech and as damaging to the campus environment.

Horowitz commented to the Bruin,

The Bruin is wrong. I took credit for the first round of posters and am responsible for these. The original poster was not of "two men with assault rifles standing over a masked man." It was a photo of two Hamas terrorists armed with AK-47s standing over a hooded Palestinian about to be executed for allegedly collaborating with Jews. SJP which is a mouthpiece for Hamas is a hate group. Why aren't university officials and the Bruin concerned about that? Why does the Bruin think an arrest might be in order because I expressed my opinion?

SJP has asked that the university administration speak out against the posters, again.


Originally posted at TruthRevolt.org